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Domestic Violence And Immigrant Women - 1274 Words

The student documentary video regarding domestic violence and immigrant women highlighted a significant health and a human right problem all over the world. Violence is defined by the World Health Organization as the intentional use of physical force or power, threatened or actual, against oneself, another person, or against a group or community, which either results in or has a high likelihood of resulting in injury, death, psychological harm, male-development, or deprivation† (WHO 2002:4). According to John Hopkins School of Public Health, 1 in every 3 women worldwide has been beaten, raped or been the victim of physical abuse; between 10% and 50% of women have been physically assaulted by an intimate partner at some point in their lives. Physical violence affects all of society, not just the recipients of the abuse or violence (Public Health 2008). The immigrant women in the video that were victimized by domestic violence had several similarities and few differences in my o pinion. All the immigrant women interviewed in the film, Between Worlds: Domestic Violence and Immigrant Women suffered from intimate partner abuse from psychological abuse to physical aggression and violence. The all were victims of non-physical abuse such as intimidation, isolation and emotional neglect. The all were financially dependent on their abuser and lacked support systems, such as family or friends that could protect them from their abuser or offer them alternatives economically. The allShow MoreRelatedDomestic Violence Against Immigrant And Refugee Women1050 Words   |  5 Pages4. How can Canada protect and welcome refugees and newcomers? How can domestic violence against immigrant and refugee women be prevented? Some of the ways Canada can protect and welcome and protect refugees by; Making the status in Canada secure- This means that Canada should make permanent residency open to all including migrant workers. They should not restrict the Permanent Residency to only those coming for high wage jobs. There should be a legislation and enforcement to protect them effectivelyRead MoreVives-Cases, Et Al. (2010) Reviewed Ipv Among Immigrant890 Words   |  4 Pages(2010) reviewed IPV among immigrant and non-immigrant women and they reported high cases of IPV in older, divorced, low educated people, poor social support immigrant women compared to retired, students or unemployed. IPV reported 23.1% of immigrant compared to 14.5% of non-immigrant. Kulwicki, et al. (2010) describes the barriers used by Arab Immigrant women for domestic violence indicated that 25% of women beaten by their spouses, 18.4% were kicked by them, 7% of women reported their husband usedRead MoreIs The Policy Workable?816 Words   |  4 Pagesprevent domestic violence, sexual assault, and rape. VAWA (2013) will continue to fund culturally and linguistically relevant services. The reauthorization of VAWA will also improve protections for immigrant survivors by strengthening the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005, provisions for U Visa’s and Self –petitions (Civic Impulse, 2015). According to Modi, Palmer, and Armstrong (2014) after the establishment of the original VAWA, the rate of domestic violence towards women droppedRead MoreSouth Asian Women825 Words   |  4 Pageswhite population. Due to the lack of research, there is no way to assert CBT is the best treatment option for the specific population of South Asian female immigrants, even though this population suffers from mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, and eating disorders, that CBT is known for treating. South Asian female immigrants experience elevated levels of psychological distress than their white counterparts. Additionally, this population is more likely to experience depression, commitRead MoreThe Connection Between Culture And Violent Behavior1360 Words   |  6 PagesUnit 8 DB 1 Introduction Women all over the world tend to fall victims to domestic violence especially women from other cultures who now find themselves in a world where domestic violence is not ever excepted as the norm. This can cause issues with in the family unit, especially if the women, or girls decide to conform to the American ways. Some cultures allow for their women to be beaten, stone, or raped and the women are at a lost, because there is no help, but by reading the below articles oneRead MoreThe Violence Against Women Act1498 Words   |  6 PagesElimination of Violence Against Women which called religious and cultural customs an excuse for gender-based violence (Goldscheid, 2008). In the early ‘90s, the Surgeon General referred to domestic violence as a threat to the health of Americans and in a similar move, the American Medical Association created a campaign targeted at ending domestic violence (Eisler, 1992). Taking its first formal stance on the issue, the outcry of the people lead t he United States to pass the Violence Against Women Act inRead MoreEffects Of Cultural Barriers On Reporting1166 Words   |  5 PagesReporting It’s very difficult for any women to make the terrifying decision to leave their abuser, however, research suggests that this decision can be even more difficult for a Latina woman to make. This is especially true if she holds to the traditional ideals of familismo and marianismo, which encourage a wife’s duty to her family and reinforce her submissive role in the relationship. The Latino cultural ideal of familismo decreases the likelihood that a Latina women will report instances of IPV, becauseRead MoreDomestic Violence And Its Effects On Asian Women Essay1383 Words   |  6 PagesDomestic Violence is the most common form of violence in the world. Especially in the Asian communities in America has gone unnoticed largely because the social stigma of admitting such information, even to close friends, is profound. Today I would be focusing on its impact on Asian women in United States. These women are mostly immigrants who often face abuse however don’t escape it and often fail to report the abuse. The problem is known to have two sides, cultural and legal. The patriarchal cultureRead MoreThe Effects Of Domestic Violence On Women Essay1246 Words   |  5 Pagesaddressed the domestic violence and continue to persist as a social problem affecting a large number of Canadian Women. The authors are trying to answer this question giving some statistics, how the women are abused from their partner, such as the violence reported when the relationship is ended, and is some other case the violence starts after the separation. Furth more the authors mention another key answer that I think could be a question, is what are the effects of domestic violence? Alaggia, RegehrRead MoreWhat Is Domestic Violence?992 Words   |  4 Pageswealthy immigrants due to the requirements of English language and to have strong work and education credentials. So with the majority of South Asian immigrants that are coming to Canada coming as economic immigrants, most are coming from areas where they had a lot of power due to their social location and subject position. Although their social location does not change, their subject position changes drastically as they enter Canadian society. This is where we see poverty lead to domestic violence

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F. Scott Fitzgerald s The Great Gatsby - 1219 Words

THE AMERICAN DREAM IN GATSBY The American dream is a tacit promise given to all citizens in this country, which states that regardless of social class, any individual can aspire to new heights based upon the ideology of meritocracy. The American dream is a â€Å"recurring theme in American literature†(Pearson) and in American society. However, The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s critically acclaimed novel, presents the American dream as an illusion which can never be achieved, and according to recent events in America, Fitzgerald is evidently correct. The personification of Daisy as the American Dream, the issue of meritocracy, Myrtle’s death, the image of the green light, as well as the manner in which Gatsby is denied entry into the†¦show more content†¦This excitement and distraction, which is what Daisy provokes on Gatsby, is the naivetà © caused by the illusion of attaining Daisy, and thus fulfilling the American Dream. Daisy is evidently personified as the American Dream throughout The Great Gatsby. The issue of meritocracy is also prevalent in this novel. When Daisy confesses to Gatsby that she can’t say that she â€Å"never loved Tom†(133), it unveils how meritocracy isn’t existent at all in this novel. Gatsby plans for such a long period of time by buying a house in West Egg, arranging their nostalgic meeting, and reinventing himself from James Gatz into the idea of Jay Gatsby, which is a concept he is â€Å"faithful until the end†(98), but Gatsby nonetheless subjects to failure in his attempt to claim Daisy once again. It is economically impossible for all of us to achieve the American Dream, which is what Fitzgerald, is saying when Daisy chooses Tom over Gatsby. Tom and Gatsby can’t both have Daisy; only one of them can claim Daisy and truly achieve the American Dream. Thirdly, Myrtle’s death symbolizes how the upper class hinders the rising middle class from achieving the American dream. Myrtle Wilson is one of Tom Buchanan’s mistresses, a non-elitist woman aspiring to become more than simplyShow MoreRelatedF. Scott Fitzgerald s The Great Gatsby974 Words   |  4 PagesPoverty in the Valley of Ashes: The Great Gatsby â€Å"This is a valley of ashes- a fantastic farm where ashes grow like wheat into ridges and hills and grotesque gardens where ashes take the forms of houses and chimneys and raising smoke and finally, with a transcendent effort, of men who move dimly and already crumbling through the powdery air† (Fitzgerald 26). In the novel, â€Å"The Great Gatsby,† the author F. Scott Fitzgerald, mainly depicted lives of the rich and their luxuries but also showed theRead MoreF. Scott Fitzgerald s The Great Gatsby1289 Words   |  6 Pages and many people realized their own version of the American Dream during this period. The American Dream is one that many people want to achieve. However, F. Scott Fitzgerald demonstrates his true feelings about the American Dream in his classic novel, The Great Gatsby. Many characters in this story, such as Daisy and Tom Buchanan, Jay Gatsby, and Jordan Baker, found riches and happiness in materialistic things and people throughout this novel. This is the stereotypical American Dream that is associatedRead MoreF. Scott Fitzgerald s The Great Gatsby944 Words   |  4 Pages423169 Prompt #4 No Comments Lim [f (x)] - 0 = ∞ ... The Limit as X Approaches Infinity Humans continually search for success. This success surfaces in forms such as fortune, fame, glory, et cetera. The American Dream encapsulates the ideals of the â€Å"New World,† bringing together not only the idea of limitless success, but also its newfound availability and encouragement for embracing the promise land. The Great Gatsby explores the American Dream and â€Å"the actual nature of this dream... the mannerRead MoreF. Scott Fitzgerald s The Great Gatsby1265 Words   |  6 PagesJay Gatsby and His Undying Love for Daisy Buchanan F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby in the midst of the roaring twenties, which was an age full of wealth, parties, and romance. Young people living in the 1920s were centered around wanting to find love so Fitzgerald, along with many other authors during this time period, focused his writing in The Great Gatsby on relationships and affection. Jay Gatsby, one of the main characters in the novel, is a very mysterious man, but there is oneRead MoreF. Scott Fitzgerald s The Great Gatsby1845 Words   |  8 Pages â€Å"You don’t write to say something, you write because you have something to say.† F. Scott Fitzgerald was one of the most remarkable writers of all time during the Jazz Age. He started to reach an accomplishment of success with This Side of Paradise and accomplished it with The Great Gatsby. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novels take place back in the early 1900’s; he attempts to communicate knowledge to the elocutionist, in a sophisticated, but humorous way, that making it big is not uncomplicated. FurthermoreRead MoreF. Scott Fitzgerald s The Great Gatsby1720 Words   |  7 Pagesdriving force of evolution in humanity. It allows the aspiration of being able to do astonishing things, and proffers them prosperity in life. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald delves into the American Dream and it’s demise. Fitzgerald focuses on the character of Jay Gatsby to materialize the false image that the American Dream created in the 1920’s. Gatsby is th e protagonist of the novel, and is famous for throwing massive parties regardless of the secret life that he lives. The narrator, Nick CarrawayRead MoreF. Scott Fitzgerald s The Great Gatsby1202 Words   |  5 PagesJay Gatsby and F. Scott Fitzgerald F. Scott Fitzgerald is an acclaimed American author, popularly recognized for his novel The Great Gatsby. In addition to his literary work, Fitzgerald is noted for his unstable personal life. Originally coming from a low-income background, he could not marry the woman that he first loved. Even when he met another woman, he had to acquire wealth to marry her; this drove him to publish his first novel. He married her shortly after. However, a couple years after, heRead MoreF. Scott Fitzgerald s The Great Gatsby1258 Words   |  6 Pages What Killed Gatsby? Love or Greed? To certain people, Gatsby’s death was a cruel and surprising conclusion to The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. But there is still some mystery around the cause of Gatsby’s death. Upon meeting Gatsby for the first time, one can tell that he has an obsession centered around Daisy Buchanan, his old love, and was dead set on getting her back. Gatsby’s obsession with repeating the past is responsible for his death and Gatsby’s greed put him in a grave. FurtherRead MoreF. Scott Fitzgerald s The Great Gatsby1761 Words   |  8 Pagescould be the main focus of people who are going out on their own to create a family. However, F. Scott Fitzgerald took a different route in his most famous novel. Fitzgerald uses his book, The Great Gatsby, to show how the idea of the American Dream is slowly dying in the society he created. Although the American Dream was prevalent during the time The Great Gatsby took place in, F. Scott Fitzgerald went against the social norm of believing in this idea and revolved his novel around the idea ofRead MoreF. Scott Fitzgerald s The Great Gatsby1381 Words   |  6 PagesResearch Paper on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby portrays characterization corresponding with characters’ birthplaces, desires, and determination in order to devise their statuses. The narrator, Nick Carraway, is disparate from others due to the place he grew up which is exemplified when he moves to New York from the Midwest. Tom Buchanan satisfies his desire for love by having women in his life as well as his wife Daisy. Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan

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The Money Doctor - 1984 Words

1. Is â€Å"The Money Doctors† a partnership, and if so, who are the partners? Main Issue: To identify if â€Å"The Money Doctors† is a partnership and if so, who are the partners of the business. Relevant Law: Partnership is the relation which subsists between persons carrying on a business in common with a view of profit. There are four conditions in which all must be satisfy are the followings: Agreement Partnership relationship may be formed by deed, in writing, verbally and lastly by inference from the conduct of the parties. In Canny Gabriel Castle Jackson Advertising Pty Ltd V Volume Sales (Finance) Pty Ltd [1974] HCA 22; (1974) 131 CLR 321 where the court held that a partnership existed on four factors which were parties joined in a†¦show more content†¦Prima facie Partnership State of agency Evidence found in the case that the existence of mutual rights and obligations between the partners together with the right to say in the management of business (all three partners must agree on major decision related to the firm). Sharing of profit and losses Joe, Shmo and Moe contributed capital to establish the firm which signaled the intent of sharing of profits and losses. Intention of the parties In this case, the intention of Joe, Shmo and Moe was to start up financial advisory services in Boyup Brook. [S 8 (1)] The intention for acquisition of building (through capital) was for business operation and therefore it proved that partnership between Joe, Shmo and Moe exists. [S 8 (4)] In this case, the $50,000 loan which Flo provides for the establishment of â€Å"The Money Doctors† were said to be repaid via profits made by the firm. [S 8 (5)] Flo was employed by â€Å"The Money Doctors† as an office manager on a salary of $45,000 per annum. In accordance with the evidence stated on Partnership Act 1895 (WA) S 8 (4), (5), Flo will not be liable as a partner of â€Å"The Money Doctors†. Conclusion In accordance with Partnership Act 1895 (WA) S 7, S 8 (1), â€Å"The Money Doctors† is a partnership and the partners are Joe, Shmo and Moe. 2. Who is liable for the contract with ECO? MainShow MoreRelatedHow Much Money Do Doctors Make? Essay1716 Words   |  7 PagesHOW MUCH MONEY DO DOCTORS MAKE? One of the best-paying careers as at present time is Medicine. As one becomes a doctor they are initiated into the world that has consistent pay that is also very attractive. If you want a life that is comfortable or even more comfortable, being a medical practitioner is a good place to consider. Just remember passion and brains are the most basic ingredients for success in this field. There are various types of doctors depending on their specialty and every pay rangeRead MoreSaskatchewan doctor shortages: Humanism vs. Structuralism1654 Words   |  7 PagesGovernment more recently has thrown money at the problem. Believing that money can solve any problem. The ministry of health consulted with physicians and health care stakeholders to create initiates to help attract more physicians to Saskatchewan (â€Å"Physician Recruitment,†2010). The government signed new contracts with emergency rooms doctors in hope that higher salaries will help recruit more physicians (â€Å"Saskatchewan ER,† 2013). The expected salaries range from about 300,000 to 400,0000 yearlyRead MoreWhy Famous Athletes Should Not Be Paid?872 Words   |  4 Pages There are various athletes around the world that receives a huge amount of money. Compared to other professions, famous athletes make a lot more than doctors, engineers, scientists and many more. High class athletes make up to sixty three to four hundred million dollars a year compared to high class doctors who are saving lives everyday or soldiers who fight for their countries everyday, putting their lives on the line. Whether it is putting a ball inside a hoop or ball behind the net, athletesRead MoreEssay about Forms of Healing in Ancient Times1518 Words   |  7 Pagesrelationships between doctors and patients have evolved, along with the way medicine is defined and practiced. Specifically I would like to focus on forms of payment and their effect on the doctor-patient relationship and how payment and the practice of medicine have changed over time. These changes led to a healer-patient relationship that was not as personal as it was in the time of Galen. Instead of the healer playing the role of a friend helping his neighbor, we find that being a doctor became a formRead MoreVeterans Of The United States1386 Words   |  6 Pagesbut they are over capacity, and some do not give the care the veterans desperately need. The men and woman are only allowed to see the doctors who work for the V.A., or the appointment and the treatment will not be accepted by the insurance. Instead of spending money on new faculties, the government feels that when another country is in trouble, they deserve the money more than their own people. Veterans of the United States are being put on the back burner while the government gives more attentionRead MoreThe Pearl, By John Steinbeck809 Words   |  4 Pagespearl that, hopefully, should bring happiness to his family, but instead the pearl brings the destruction of all he loves. Steinbeck shows the theme that materialism and greed can lead to immoral behavior through the characters of the priest, the doctor, and Kino. Thus, when news sweeps the town that Kino has just found the Pearl of the World innumerable people want to seek Kino out to gain some of his wealth, even the priest! The priest first hears about Kino’s coming of wealth and wonders whatRead MoreComparison of Two Hospital Dramas: Casualty and ER Essay881 Words   |  4 PagesFor example, Casualty has a lack of nurses and doctors, stress, realistic patients with realistic injuries. ER, on the other hand, has patients with, for example gun shot wounds. Now in real life patients wouldnt be rushed in every day with gun shot wounds. This, in my mind, is one of ERs only weaknesses. The two programmes both deal with the same conventions. These are called conventions of hospital dramas. Doctors and nurses in the two programmes both have toRead MoreThe Problem Of The Cancer War1480 Words   |  6 Pagespossibility of developing this uncontrollable disease. This includes scientists, medical doctors, regulators, owners of drug companies, along with their loved ones, meaning that they aren’t immune to cancer (â€Å"Big†). Many people in our society claim that the medical industry, along with the government, is keeping the cure to cancers suppressed. In figure 2 we see a perfect example of how society sees the scientists and doctors involved. This conspiracy has been around for quite some time and it’s mostly becauseRead MoreShould The Government Provide Free Health Care For All Citizens?1575 Words   |  7 Pagesmuch better than how they came. Without money, it is almost impossible to do that. The fact that health care isn’t free for everyone causes problems. Wealthy people being able to afford health care and poor people not are the first and biggest problem that we have today. This is very unfair. Whether a person is rich or poor, they still need the proper treatment and care in order for them to continue living. Being unable to go to the doctor because one cannot afford it is very unfortunateRead MoreCharacter Analysis : An Analysis Of John Steinbecks The Pearl1097 Words   |  5 Pagespearl the doctor tried to take advantage of kino, the doctor had diversity in him to take advantage of kino. The doctor wants money from kino because kino found the pearl of the world, the doctor now wants to treat coyotito and his scorpion wound so he can get money from kino. Then the doctor poisond Coyotito they can come back to the doctor so the doctor can treat coyotito again and even more money. Before the doctor did not want to treat coyotito now because they did not have the money to pay the

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Role of Auditing and Assurance Services

Question: Discuss about the Role of Auditing and Assurance Services. Answer: Introduction Auditing Assurance Services are important for the business organization and play a vital role in detecting the inherent risks exist in the organization. A business risk approach has been applied for these specific services as well as standard practices of auditing have been integrated with national and international auditing standard(BoticaRedmayne, 2012). Auditing Assurance Services assist the business entities in detecting the weaknesses in maintaining a record of the business transactions. Besides this, it assists in preparing the report from the information about the financial events that took place during the financial year within the business entities. Apart from this, it assists in detecting the in-house problems along with the operational inefficiency and in this way assists in enhancing the level of business activities of the business entities plus the entire stakeholders are benefitted by Auditing Assurance Services (Kumar, 2014). The main role of Auditing Assurance Ser vices is to verify the financial reports of the business entities with the actual data and information; there are various effective tools, and techniques used to check the financial information produced by the business entities within their financial reports. After completing the Auditing work, the auditors issue an audit report. In audit report, the auditors provide the real information about the financial position of the business entities (Redmayne, 2012). The audit reports improve the trustworthy and reputation of the business entities. Usually, the third parties perform external audit services . Thus, its reliance improves in many folds. The auditors usually look after the benefit of the entire stakeholders of the business entity. For this specific report as per the requirement, an organization One Tel has been taken. It was one of the most renowned Australian companies. The company was collapsed within six years of operation. The factors which play a key role in measuring the i nherent risks are depicted (Redmayne, 2007). Apart from this, the discussion about the inherent risks and their influence in the course of auditing will be discussed. Discussion about factors contribute in increasing inherent risk assessment The factors provide an increment of the risks at the financial levels of the report for the organization. Some of the crucial factors are identified with the creation of an inadequate structure for the business organization with the lack of professional ethics also seems to be depicted in this case(Cohen Simnett, 2015). The top level of the management of the organization seems to be corrupted, and thereby the auditors are appointed by the company with focusing on the lack of professional ethics with lacking of integrity, objectivity, and the professional competency also seems to be depicted in this case(Fiume, Onesti and Sannino, 2014). The role of auditors in the case of One. Tel seems to be heavily criticized and thereby the company seems to be scrutinized for the actions that are undertaken for the purpose of Liquidation. Furthermore, the hiding of the information regarding the financial condition of the company is depicted and thereby the auditor's performance is seemed to be in the state of inappropriateness is judged for the company(Hasan et al., 2005). The effectiveness and the efficiency are seemed to be reduced in the case of auditing and thereby the strategic risk assessment of the business seems to be taking place. With the creation of appropriate judgment, the lacking of the professional ethics for the company is identified with thereby creating a deficiency in the corporate governance and thereby the detection of these problems led the company to the failure of the business and henceforth the company achieved the state of liquidation(Imoniana and Perera, 2016). Huge loss is indicated by the company with making the wastage of the resources and thereby the inappropriate decisions made by the management of the company led to a state of the downfall and also helped the company to achieve the state of liquidation(Imoniana and Perera, 2016). Thereby, both the auditors of One.Tel who are BDO and Ernst Young lacking integrity with the creation of biases i n the management and the key financial profession of the company. Identification of known factors in strategic business risk assessment As per the financial statement of the business firm, it can be observed that in the financial position statement or balance sheet statement that the liabilities of the company are continually increased. Besides this, in cash flow statement of the company in can be seen that the operation cost of the firm was much higher in comparison to operating profit (International financial reporting standard 6, 2004). The employees suppliers payment was much higher than the payment received from the consumers of the company. For this reason the company loss in the operating actions(Kent, 2011). Moreover, the investing actions of the company were also a loss for the company, as the company has to invest a huge amount of money for their plan and equipment. Only financing actions of the company were fruitful and from theses the company made a profit. As per the income statement of the company, it is precisely seen that the company has incurred losses(Koppeschaar, 2012). In the year of 2000, the com pany accomplishes huge growth nut despite the growth the company it was running in losses. Usually, a company and its management have the same objective and target for the future of the company. However, often the rule does not work, and it can be seen that the objective of the management of the company and the other shareholder of the company has been changed and in that case, the problem arises(Millichamp, 2002). Moreover, this specific situation of the company is called Principle-Agent Problem. The undertaken company face same types of problem and it is the core reason that collapses the company. The company was the 4th largest company, in the field of telecommunication. Moreover, the company took initiation to penetrate in the global market thus hold UK, France, Netherland and Hong Kong market. Discussion about inherent risk factors and their role in increasing inherent risk assessment The inappropriate corporate governance is notified, and thereby it becomes the reason for the downfall of the company which led the company to the state of bankruptcy (Ruhnke and Lubitzsch, 2010).It thereby helps in the creation of poor management structure of the company with facing the vital reason for achieving the state of liquidation. The observation that is made in the case of the company depicts that the company consists of the four members who are the no executive directors of the company. It also helps in providing the views that seem to be related to the state considered and thereby four directors are subjected to take part in every year's election(Saxena et al., 2010). The members of the company seem to be independent with consisting of the position of the company. For the above conditions depicted, an investigation is made with thereby creating an important reason for the enhancement of the expenses and thereby the creation of the investigation helps in including a huge a mount of the expenses made by the company(Ruhnke and Lubitzsch, 2010). For this reason, the company has to face a lot of loss for which the state of bankruptcy has occurred for the company. The audit partner of the company along with the other external auditors was blamed for creating an over stretching of the Australian Accounting Standards and thereby they were fined about forty-eight million. It is observed that huge amount of remuneration I created with thereby creating an amount of concealing cost incurred on the company(Steane and Christie, 2001). It thereby helps in indicating the values that are seemed to be depicted for the case with the appropriate description made by the auditors. The incurring of the strategic expansion with the creation of huge amount of expenses helps in indicating the values depicting the state of bankruptcy. Assess the risks as high medium or low The firm has high risks and low surrender strategies along with a variety of incentive for the new customers, and this could not be continued in Australia where the market is small. In Australia there is six services provider in the mobile market, which is the2nd largest than any other developed country al around the globe (Wink and Corradino, 2011). Moreover, the expenses of the business firm were beyond of the financial capability of the company. Apart from this, the other telecommunication companies in Australia offered their subscription in much lower price than the One Tel Company. The business strategies of the firm were highly dependent of Telstra along with Optus and at the same time, the companies are the biggest competitors of the company. One Tel uses to sell extensive phone capacity, and the company procured that capacity from the companies Telstar and Optus. Moreover, the company offered economical packages to their customers, but the two key firms Telstra and Optus have a nominal cost for operating than One Tell. Identification of the leadingfactorsmeant for effective decision-making The other influential factors that are depicted in this case helps in indicating the efficient decision-making system with thereby creates billing failure. The auditing process helps in indicating the intentions of the senior IT workers with the failure of the company due to the provision of the bonuses for the establishment of the new programs. For the appropriate establishment, testing and documentation are requisite with the purpose of creating a necessary quality of the programs. With the consideration of revealing of the senior account, the structure of the accounting system led to the failure of many procedures that are depicted with considering the views of the billing system.It also helps in creating the initial customer base and thereby the perfect handling of the issues seems to be taking place. Afterward the company's customer base seems to increase in volumes in order to create the attraction of the customers for the products and the services provided by the company. It t hereby helps in increasing the numbers of the customers with the continuation of appropriate billing system in the organization and henceforth the demand seems to fulfil the criteria. With neglecting the above conditions, it seems to be obvious that the failure of the demand will certainly take place, and there by process of the invoice of the company will be get delayed and thereby affecting the organization's financial condition.(Wink and Corradino, 2011). It also led to the inappropriate tracking of the invoices that seems to be easily getting delivered with depicting the conditions of the consumers and thereby the monitoring seems to be inadequately done by the organization(Wink and Corradino, 2011). Henceforth these are the other influential factors that seem to be depicted in this case of the organization One. Tel. Conclusion It is clearly understandable that the collapse of the firm One Tell cannot be pointed to only one party. There was deficient in the structure of the business firm, shortage in the professional ethics and corporate governance standard can be liable for the crumple of the business firm. Therefore, the directors and the management staffs of the companies have to pay adequate attention to the firms business along with financial activities. Besides this, they have to play an active role in running the business activities of the firm. References Ashok Kumar, K. (2014). International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS): Prospects and Challenges.J Account Mark, 03(01). BoticaRedmayne, N. (2012). Essentials of Auditing, Assurance Services Ethics in Australia: An Integrated Approach20121 Essentials of Auditing, Assurance Services Ethics in Australia: An Integrated Approach . Massey: Massey University 1st ed.J Acc Organizational Change, 8(1), pp.120-122. Botica Redmayne, N. (2007). Auditing and Assurance Services in Australia: An Integrated Approach (7th ed.)20072A. Arens, P. Best, G. Shailor, B. Fiedler, R. Elder and M. Beasley. Auditing and Assurance Services in Australia: An Integrated Approach (7th ed.) . China: Pearson Education Australia 2007. 814 pp., ISBN: 13 9 780 7339 8384 9.Pacific Accounting Review, 19(1), pp.86-88. Cohen, J. and Simnett, R. (2015). CSR and Assurance Services: A Research Agenda.AUDITING: A Journal of Practice Theory, 34(1), pp.59-74. Fiume, R., Onesti, T. and Sannino, G. (2014).Dialogue with standard setters. Removing reliability' from the IAS/IFRS framework. The EFRAG's viewpoint.FINANCIAL REPORTING, (1), pp.131-138. Hasan, M., Maijoor, S., Mock, T., Roebuck, P., Simnett, R. and Vanstraelen, A. (2005). The Different Types of Assurance Services and Levels of Assurance Provided.International Journal of Auditing, 9(2), pp.91-102. Imoniana, J. and Perera, L. (2016). The role of IS Auditing in assurance services.MANAGEMENT CONTROL, (1), pp.17-33. Imoniana, J. and Perera, L. (2016). The role of IS Auditing in assurance services.MANAGEMENT CONTROL, (1), pp.17-33. International financial reporting standard 6. (2004). London: IASCF Publications Dept. Kent, P. (2011). The decision to outsource management advisory services.Managerial Auditing Journal, 26(8), pp.672-696. Koppeschaar, Z. (2012). International Financial Reporting standard for Small and Medium-sized entities.The Southern African Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management, 5(1), p.54. Millichamp, A. (2002).Auditing. London: Continuum. Ruhnke, K. and Lubitzsch, K. (2010).Determinants of the Maximum Level of Assurance for Various Assurance Services.International Journal of Auditing, 14(3), pp.233-255. Saxena, R., Srinivas, K., Rai, U. and Rai, S. (2010).Auditing. Mumbai [India]: Himalaya Pub. House. Steane, P. and Christie, M. (2001). Nonprofit Boards in Australia: A Distinctive Governance Approach.Corporate Governance, 9(1), pp.48-58. Wink, G. and Corradino, L. (2011).Intermediate accounting demystified. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

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Transportation and Public Health Issues

It has been proven from a study carried out by journal pediatrics that, in the event mothers’ breastfeed their newborns in the first six months approximately, 900 lives and billions of dollars could be saved. Similarly, it was determined that many deaths can be prevented through breastfeeding.Advertising We will write a custom term paper sample on Transportation and Public Health Issues specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The study evaluated 10 frequent illnesses that occur in children thereby determining their occurrence and expenses incurred in their treatment. It is noteworthy that babies are less likely to develop obesity and leukemia as the breast milk they consume affects the blood insulin level. Furthermore, antibodies are a constituent of breast milk thus it guards the children against infections. According to Greenberg, the study seems not to have mentioned the fact that breast milk is cheap compared to infant formula . Additionally, these formulas do not contain the essential nutritional and psychological values attached to breast milk. It is evident that mothers should be encouraged to breast feed their newborns, and the best way to achieve this is to ban the promotion of infant formulas in hospitals (Greenberg, 2010). The new government legislation that requires employers to provide nursing facilities for working mothers to breastfeed their children is a good start for this campaign. Similarly, hospitals will be evaluated on the basis of ensuring mothers breastfeed newborns before getting discharged from the facility. Dr. Bartick Melissa affirms that the benefits of breast milk are not appreciated. In addition, she refers to breast feeding as a public health matter. It is evident that some mothers either fail to start or quit breastfeeding at an early stage. As a result, it is essential for mothers to prepare before commencing breastfeeding to avoid stress at work. It is a fact that mothers at pediatrics academy are not encouraged to breastfeed; as they are offered formulas instead. Dr. Bartick insists that hospitals practices should change and in the process embrace the benefits of breast feeding. Furthermore, she affirms that mothers should not be blamed for such failures. It is noteworthy that Batrick’s study is priceless as not every woman can successfully breastfeed. On the other hand, this study depicts that mothers should be encouraged to breast feed their newborns (Greenberg, 2010). References Greenberg, Sally. (2010). Breastfeeding a public health issue. Savvy Consumer. Web.Advertising Looking for term paper on health medicine? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More United States Department of Transportation (DOT). (2010). Transportation is a public Health issue: DOT doing its part to keep kids moving. Fast lane. Web. This term paper on Transportation and Public Health Issues was written and submitted by user Alden Kennedy to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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An Investigation Into The Eight Queens Problem Essays - Chess

An Investigation Into The Eight Queens Problem Essays - Chess An Investigation into the Eight Queens Problem Introduction The eight queens problem relies on a very simple chess-based concept. However, no chess knowledge, other than this background, is required. Chess is a game plajghyed on a 8 by 8 grid of 64 squares. The grid is checkered with two colors, usually white and black, the bottom right hand corner being white. The players sit opposite of each other and have sixteen chess pieces that they use to attempt to win the game.1 The objective of the game is to use your sixteen chess pieces to checkmate the king?that is, having the king in a situation where he is unable to move without being in threat of being captured by an opponent?s piece. Each chess piece has certain chess rules which governs the way each chess piece may move. One of the pieces is called the Queen. The Queen is ultimate piece of the chess board being able to move in any direction and for any number of squares.2 How many ways can eight queens be placed on a chess board so that no other queen will attack another?3 A queen can attack any other queen along the eight paths which extend from queen. These paths are vertically, horizontally, and diagonally.4 Development Some observations must be made before attempting to solve this problem. Since there is a 8 by 8 chess board and 8 queens, then there must be a queen on each row. Also, a chess board has four black, and four white squares in each row. That would mean that half of the queens must be placed on black squares and half of the queens must be placed on the white squares.5 Each chess square will be labeled in the method shown in figure 1. Figure 1 Each coordinate on the chess board such as (4,5) or (x,y) will be referred to as being S. Again, a queen can attack anyone diagonally, vertically, or horizontally.6 Mathematically, a queens diagonal dominance can be described by using the coordinates and adding A or B to x and y, and A being a variable in the domain 1-1.7 ( X + A, Y + A ) right diagonal dominance of the queen ( X + B, Y- B) left diagonal dominance ( X, A ) vertical dominance of the queen?s domain ( Y, A ) horizontal dominance of the queen?s domain. The first queen can be placed on the coordinate (1,1). With the above rules, the following is true in Table 1: SA(X+A)(Y+A) (X,A)(A,Y) (1,1)122(1,1)(1,1) 233(1,2)(2,1) 344(1,3)(3,1) 455(1,4)(4,1) 566(1,5)(5,1) 677(1,6)(6,1) 788(1,7)(7,1) 899(1,8)(8,1) Table 1 When any other queens are placed on the chess board, it cannot be placed on any of the coordinates listed in Table 1 because it would fall into this queen?s dominance. This would be true for any other queen that will be placed on the board.8 The second queen will have six squares from which it can be placed since two of them have been dominated by the first queen. The queen will be unable to be placed in the second row in the coordinates (2,2) or (1,2). The second queen is able to be placed on the squares with the coordinates (3,2), (4,2), (5,2), (6,2), (7,2), and (8,2). There are many factors that must be considered before placing the next queen. One goal is to leave as many squares open that do not vertically align with any other squares on any other rows. For example, if a queen is placed on (3,2) then it would leave four squares open on rows 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. Because there are only 8 squares across a chess board, four being left open in five rows would result in vertically aligned rows.9 (Figure 2) Many of the squares would be eliminated quickly because many are aligned vertically together resulting in less squares made available than 8 because once a queen is placed in any of the remaining "free" squares, then the "free" vertically above and below that queen would be dominated along with the diagonal pathways that the queen would dominate also. Since this is true, then the next queen must

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Recent visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, on Fifth Avenue and Assignment

Recent visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, on Fifth Avenue and 81st Street in New York City - Assignment Example The hunters will thus have to wait. The attack thus commences soon after the action portrayed in The Unicorn Is Found; the scene is full of commotion and chaos. The battle’s ferociousness is conveyed by the congregating lances which are aimed at the animal, the frightening hounds and the frightening sound of the pursuing horns. The wounded unicorn, amid the confusion makes a desperate attempt to across a stream to escape his converging hunters. Hounds were used in medieval times for hunting stags. They scouted and chased and ultimately attacked the prey. The splendid castle on the background is a clear indication this was a noble’s hunt, probably even by the royalty. Different from The Unicorn in Captivity tapestry and The Hunters Enter the Woods tapestry, this tapestry in conjunction with several other tapestries, are set in convincing landscapes which have the effect of augmenting the drama of the unicorn’s hunt. Having such a piece of art at home is a fulfilling experience considering its religious significance. Its acknowledged as a representation of Christ among many Christians. A Madonna is a representation of Mary, with her child Jesus. The Madonna and Child statues are dominant icons among Catholics and in Orthodoxy. An example of a Madonna with Child is one in Church of Our Lady (Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk), Bruges, Belgium. Just a look at this statue is very fulfilling and is always the best moment during the visit. One cannot get enough of the Michelangelo statue when travelling to Bruges. Although it direly needs restoration, the experience is magnificent and fulfilling. Its the only statue of the Michelangelo to ever leave Italy during his time. It was carved in the early 1500s, at the same time Michelangelo was working on the statue of David in Florence. Originally meant for the Sienna cathedral, it was bought by a wealthy noble, when the church at Sienna could not afford to purchase it, and